Digital Price Tag Manufacturers Ultimate Guide

Digital price tag which can sometimes be called Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is a cutting-edge technology invented to ease the stress of updating pricing on paper price tags in a physical store. This technology has not only helped to quickly track inventory and make price changes on the fly but has also helped in improving store performance and reducing overhead costs. 

ESL profer solutions that help clients keep track of the status of shelves in order to ensure the constant flow of goods, as well as clients’ comfort and convenience. 

Finding the right electronic shelf labels manufacturers is not easy. There are a number of factors to consider. Below is a list of 20 top ESL manufacturers to help solve the puzzle. They are well known for their quality production.

Below is a list of the 20 best electronic shelf labels manufacturers available. This list was compiled based on durability, high-quality guarantee, and after-sales services.

1. Zhsunyco

Source: Zhysunyco

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Manufacturer 

Headquarters: Pointing Technology Park, Hongqi, Jinwan, Zhuhai, 51900, Guangdong, China

Year Founded: 2016

Zhsunyco is a trusted electronic shelf label manufacturer committed to creating innovative tailor-made ESL solutions for diverse business demands like supermarkets, warehouses, digital hospital signage and others. Their vast industry prowess envelops hardware and product design, software development, customization, and after-sales services. While adhering strictly to a ‘customer-oriented’ business philosophy, they meet industry demands with various inventory and product pricing solutions thereby reducing waste and carbon footprint. 

Zhsunyco electronic shelf labels are designed to be cost-effective, solve problems of low efficiency, and reduce the high error rate in industries. They strengthen the value of businesses and organizations with an expansive range of cutting-edge digital solutions. Their products are currently used in over 12,000 stores in 50 countries. Their electronic shelf label technology includes NFC, Bluetooth, WIFI, 2.4G, and 433Mhz electronic labels. They stand out amongst their competitors with their CE, RoHS, and waterproof certifications.


  • Electronic Shelf Label
  • E-ink Display
  • LCD Display
  • Digital signage

2. Pricer

Pricer Logo
Source: Pricer

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Supplier 

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Year Founded: 1991

This is a digital shelf tags supplier that provides the rapidly growing market with digital solutions. They are aimed at ensuring the enhancement of both store performance and the shopping experience of their clients. They employ the use of cutting-edge technology like Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide the foundation for in-store competence and efficiency.

The company offers digital shelf-edge solutions to clients through the help of their infrared, electronic shelf label platform which is fast, robust, and scalable. Pricer is also well known for its transformative technologies in the retail sector.


  • ESLs
  • Electronic Display 
  • Cameras
  • Management Devices

3. SES Imagotag

Ses Imagotag Logo
Source: ses imagotag

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Manufacturer 

Headquarters: Nanterre Cedex, France

Year Founded: 1992

SES Imagotag is one of the biggest manufacturers in the electronic shelf labeling market. They handle digital and Internet of Things (IoTs) platforms that operate on a Microsoft cloud. Their major goal is to provide clients with a better experience and store efficiency.

This electronic shelf label supplier offers an outstanding solution that includes market experience and IT innovations that allow for seamless omnichannel retailing and boosted brand sales. Their products are currently used in over 12,000 stores in 56 countries.


  • ESLs
  • Digital Solutions 

4. Minewtag

Minewtag Logo
Source: Minewtag

Type of Business: Digital Shelf Label Supplier

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

Year Founded: 2007

Minewtag independently designs and produces the Electronic Shelf Labels series that utilizes the latest Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) 5.0 Technology. This increases operational efficiency, provides clients with a better experience, and eliminates ‘low value-added’ processes.

Their products are designed to be customer friendly such that you can easily operate them by adding new stores, label changes, and products price just with one click. Minewtag ESLs are well known in the market to be operationally stable, cost-effective, flexible, and reliable.


  • Mercurius Series
  • Super Galaxy Series
  • Electronic Shelf Label Demo Kits

5. Altierre

Source: Altierre

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Manufacturer 

Headquarters: United States

Year Founded: 2003

Alterre is a well-known electronic shelf label manufacturer that provides technology that produces Internet of Things (IoT). They produce ESLs with years of battery life that seamlessly communicate in large stores, mobile racks, and shelf edges.

Alterre ESLs provide integration with local appliances, enable system functionality, and have a built-in support mechanism for applications when RFID finally arrives on the products. They also offer hardware, software, and other information technology services to meet their client’s demands.


  • Sensor
  • Electronic Shelf Labels

6. Displaydata

Source: Displaydata

Type of Business: Digital Shelf Tag Supplier

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Year Founded: 2000

This is a leading electronic price tag supplier. They produce and supply electronic shelf labels and compatible software applications to other retail industries. Their ESLs help clients have a top-notch shopping experience that is more engaging, rewarding, and distinctive. They also help clients boost their sales. 

Displaydata is known to be the first company to produce marketable 3-color ESLs. These ESLs are integrated with NFC, which assists clients to manage and control their pricing with speed and agility.


  • Chroma 16
  • Aura Series
  • ESLs

7. Teraoka Seiko

Teraoka Seiko
Source: Teraoka Seiko

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Manufacturer 

Headquarters: Tokyo 146-8580 Japan

Year Founded: 1925

Teraoka Seiko Co. Ltd provides unique electronic price tags in supermarkets, the food industry, logistics companies, hospitals, and many more. They operate in over 150 countries worldwide with subsidiaries for R & D and manufacturing. Their supporting products tailored to meet the demands of their clients give them a strong presence in the global market.

They also encourage the integration of data into the client’s store management system to optimize their retail operations.


  • POS for mass merchandise
  • Weigh-Wrap Labelers
  • Recycling machines
  • Label Printers

8. Rainus

Rainus Logo
Source: Rainus

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Manufacturer 

Headquarters: Seongnam-si, Korea

Year Founded: 2014

This is a South Korean-based factory directed at improving their clients’ experience by using advanced technology. They are an electronic price tag supplier that also produces other products like Smart Shelf. This company focuses mainly on using cutting-edge technology to assist clients to meet their needs.

Ever since their inception, they have expanded their business across many continents; Asia, Europe, and America included. They provide solutions to clients to update their product prices with ease, optimize operational efficiency, and improve customer online experience.


  • Self Service Kiosk
  • Smart Shelf
  • ESLs

9. Solum ESL

Solum Logo
Source: Solum ESL

Type of Business: Digital Shelf tag Supplier

Headquarters: China

Year Founded: 2001

This is a digital price tag supplier that originated from Samsung. They have over two decades of experience with wireless communication technologies and equipment. Solum, alongside its set of skilled workers, has led the world in electronic shelf label technology innovations making its products stand out in the global market.

Solum being a digital shelf tags supplier is equipped with its own manufacturing facilities. This permits them to have a shortened development time, maintain high-quality standard control, and optimize cost competitiveness. Their products help improve shelf life and inventory management.


  • LED Label
  • Graphic Label
  • Button Label

10. Yalatech

Yalatech Logo
Source: Yalatech

Type of Business: Electronic Price Tag Supplier

Headquarters: China

Year Founded: 2007

Yaletech provides electronic shelf labels that are robust and dependable. Smart ESLs are used in grocery supermarkets, mobile shops, and pharmacy stores to provide clients with a seamless experience, better store efficiency, and a distinctive shopping environment.

Yalatech ESL tags are well known to offer high resolution, enterprise-grade reliability, durability, low power consumption, and lots more. Their wireless 2-way communication between the systems and labels ensures full centralized control and accuracy within the existing retail systems.


  • Digital Price Tag
  • ESLs

11. E-ink Holding Inc.

E ink Holdings Inc. Logo
Source: E-ink Holding Inc.

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Manufacturer 

Headquarters: China

Year Founded: 1997

E-ink Holding Inc. is the pioneer producer in the ePaper industry and a major E-ink display manufacturer in the global market. The company uses cutting-edge technology to deliver optimized and high-precision display products to the world’s most popular manufacturers and suppliers. They assist in installing durable and low-power displays in unimaginable cases and environments.

They are also inventors of several types of electronic phoretic ink which creates Electronic Paper Displays (EPD). It is a paper-like display that makes use of pigments utilized in printing industries today.


  • E-Readers
  • E-Note
  • Digital Paper
  • Tablets

12. ZDA Communications 

ZDA Communications Logo
Source: ZDA Communications

Type of Business: Electronic Price Labels Supplier

Headquarters: United States

Year Founded: 2008

ZDA Communication is a major digital shelf tag manufacturer with fascinating features which include LED light with 180 degrees view angles, customization shells, and many more. They also have other label capabilities like PDA scanning and Bluetooth AP.

ZDA aims at providing solutions for their clients, consulting and full customization solution services included. The company offers custom-made solutions that ensure high quality, cost-effectiveness, and optimized product performance.


  • Electronic Products Identification Tags
  • Electronic Labels

13. Pacific Digital Signs

Pacific Digital Signs Logo
Source: Pacific Digital Signs

Type of Business: Digital Price Tags Supplier

Headquarters: United States

Year Founded: 2005

Pacific Digital Signs (PDS) is a prominent digital shelf tag supplier. With the help of their skilled professionals, they work towards combining digital signage, marketing, and consultation experience to satisfy clients needs. They also provide full-service installation solutions to their clients to stand out among competitors. 

Some of their solutions include 360-degree services, pre-sales, and after-sales services, hardware sales and installation, and 24/7 customer support.


  • Camera
  • LCD and LED Video Walls
  • Virtual Mosaic
  • ESLs
  • Social Media Tiles and Social Photo Kiosks
  • Product Tags

14. CTSI

Source: CTSI

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Manufacturer 

Headquarters: United States.

Year Founded: 1998

Corbett Technology Solutions, Inc. being a digital shelf tag supplier, provides ultimate solutions that assist in turning physical stores into digital assets. This solution helps promote quick access to inventory, thereby digitizing purchases and enhancing customer experience.

CTSI also ensures good customer relations with its clients through its sophisticated ESL product packages and services, which may include customization and after-sales services.


  • Sign boards
  • Detectors 
  • Pagers
  • Surveillance Cameras 
  • Telephone Systems

15. Zkong

Zkong Logo
Source: Zkong

Type of Business: Digital Shelf Label Manufacturer 

Headquarters: China

Year Founded: 2006

Zkong Network Co., LTD is a recognized high-tech enterprise that majors in research and development, wireless intelligent hardware, and IoT technologies. They are aimed at providing a wide range of services for stores, warehouses, supermarkets, beauty and fashion shops, medical, warehousing industries, etc.

The company offers digital solutions with cloud-based electronic shelf label systems with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They meet clients’ needs by effectively optimizing workflow, reducing cost, and enhancing market competitiveness.


  • Shied Series
  • Valley Series
  • Blade Series
  • Essence Series 
  • Sparkle Series

16. Hanshow

Hanshow Logo
Source: Hanshow

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Manufacturer 

Headquarters: China

Year Founded: 2012

Hanshow is a global retail digital company that helps industries to optimize costs, increase sales and offer a hitch-free experience to their clients. Hanshow is well recognized in the market for developing solutions that help clients thrive in an era of technology uncertainty.

They are a leading digital shelf tag manufacturer while working with about 100 global retail companies in over 50 countries. They work tirelessly round the clock to ensure they provide good customer service and outstanding customized solutions.


  • ESLs
  • AI Camera
  • Patrol Robot

17. Picksmart Technology Co., LTD

Picksmart Technology Logo
Source: Picksmart Technology 

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Manufacturer

Headquarters: China

Year Founded: 2017

This is a China electronic price label supplier that offers digital solutions through hardware products and systems. They also offer independent research and development, software and hardware integration amongst others.

With over 5 years of experience in manufacturing ESLs devices, the company has focused mainly on providing diversified development for supermarkets, retail stores, warehouses, medical industries, and so on. This R&D innovation has helped the company meet its client’s demands to build its core competence and trustworthiness. 


  • ESLs
  • Electronic Conference Signs & Cords
  • PTL Warehouse Shelf Label

18. Ontime I.T Co., LTD

Ontime I.T Co. LTD
Source: Ontime 

Type of Business: Electronic Price Labels Manufacturers

Headquarters: China

Year Founded: 1994

Ontime is a China electronic shelf label supplier that focuses on developing IoTs and solutions that are required in the global market. They are well known for not only developing Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products but also ESLs products that are scalable and compatible with RFID systems.

Their products are developed by experts ensuring they are within the scope of global industry standards in order to meet the demands of their clients. 


  • RFID Etched Antenna 
  • Smart Displays
  • ESLs

19. Sertag

Sertag Logo
Source: Sertag

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Manufacturer 

Headquarters: China

Year Founded: 2015

Sertag is one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic Shelf Labels, Smart tags, Smart Displays, etc. They offer several ESL solutions like Bluetooth, NFC, and Wifi ESL solutions that help optimize the operations of workers in healthcare, warehouse, office, and other industrial sectors. 

The company is committed to solving clients’ challenges in order to ensure their maximum satisfaction and comfort. With the help of their trained professionals, Sertag is fully committed to research and development. 


20. Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf Logo
Source: Diebold Nixdorf

Type of Business: Electronic Shelf Label Supplier 

Headquarters:United States

Year Founded: 1859

This is a leading manufacturer of electronic shelf labels that aims at automating checkout processes and providing a seamless experience for clients. With their presence in over 130 countries, they are able to predict and anticipate the current and future needs of the target market.

They also leverage on their skilled professionals to provide seamless omnichannel retailing and outstanding delivery service to their clients. Using high-grade technology, they are able to streamline the access points to only a few to securely update all the electronic labels in a store.


  • Ebook Readers
  • ESLs
  • Smart Displays

Tips for Choosing the Right Electronic Shelf Labels Manufacturers

Having listed out all the trustworthy and reliable electronic shelf labels manufacturers and suppliers above, there are still some other things to consider when choosing high-quality and durable ESLs.

So in this section, we will be discussing some of the most important things you can do to find a reputable and reliable manufacturer for your specific needs.

Tip 1: Research How Reliable the Electronic Shelf Labels Manufacturer is

Below are some of the things you can do to validate how reliable your supplier is:

  • Run a D&B report to access the company’s creditworthiness. This report contains the financial status and commercial credit of the company.
  • The company’s year of experience in the business. The history of a company can determine its future productivity.
  • The location of the headquarters of the electronic shelf label manufacturer.
  • How professional the company’s website is.

Tip 2: Check Out the Quality of the Electronic Shelf Label Supplier’s Products

To verify the quality of the supplier product, below are some of the things to check out:

  • The quality system of the ESLs manufacturer. What are the reputable industry standards the production quality adheres to?
  • Check if your manufacturer provides quality test results for their fixture.
  • Ask for a video demonstration to better evaluate the product’s quality. 
  • The number of product iterations for each product.
  • The competitiveness of the products’ prices in the global market.
  • The warranty terms should be economical and be effective.

Tip 3: Determine the Level of Support You Will Get from the Electronic Shelf Label Supplier

Once you are certain that the supplier is a well-established one with good customer reviews and high quality, the next thing is to see how much support you will get before, during, and after the project (after-sales). 

You can contact the salesperson of your supplier to confirm the information you need regarding their products, the buying process, and the shipping information.

Tip 4: See How Easily You Can Get Pricing, Technical Information, and ROI Analysis from Your Chosen Supplier

Your electronic shelf label supplier should be able to give you catalogs, price lists, test data, and other required information. It is also good to know the ROI you will get on the products. This will help you make an informed decision for the supplier offering the highest ROI.

Tip 5: Know the Turnaround Time of Your Electronic Shelf Label Supplier

Your electronic shelf label supplier should be able to deliver your purchased products within the agreed time. There are lots of suppliers who adhere to early delivery times but often fail in the actual delivery period. 

A good way to check if your supplier can meet the delivery time is to ask for samples of a product like the meeting room digital signage. If you do not get the samples within the assigned time, do not expect that you will get your bulk order delivered in time.


After well-detailed research and analysis, we have made it easier for you to choose the best electronic shelf label manufacturer across the globe.

With our selection of top digital price tag manufacturers above, you can be assured your demand will be satisfactorily met. On top of the list is Zhsunyco, a reputable manufacturer of all custom ESL solutions. You can make a contact for your quality and functional digital price tags. If you need more retail display ideas, click here to know more.

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