LCD Displays Manufacturer

With our control over production, our high-resolution LCD displays are designed to fit the scenery can save costs by using less power when continuously projecting art.

LCD Displays Manufacturer

With our control over production, our high-resolution LCD displays are designed to fit the scenery can save costs by using less power when continuously projecting art.

LCD Displays Manufacturer

With our control over production, our high-resolution LCD displays are designed to fit the scenery can save costs by using less power when continuously projecting art.
Dependable LCD Displays Manufacturer in China

Types of LCD Displays Available in Zhsunyco®

Indoor LCD Display With All Shapes

Indoor LCD Display is placed inside the building, serving as a promotional and convincing device. It can be in different shapes depending on the information to be displayed and your preference.

LCD Video Wall

To allow more people, including staff, customers, and outsiders to get a good descriptive view of your content, an LCD video displayed on the wall is a great choice. LCD video walls could reflect the real color and tone of designs.

Outdoor LCD Display

This type is used outside to display information and beautiful designs to people walking by. Outdoor LCD displays are professionally constructed to be waterproof, attract the eyes and create a lasting impression.

LCD Screen Size
LCD Screen Size

Our capabilities extends to constructing different LCD screen sizes, including 16:9, 1:1, 30:10, and many more. Production is made in relation to your displayed information and the environment where it will be placed.

LCD Screen Logo
LCD Screen Logo

For promotional purposes and business upgrading, Zhsuny, the LCD panel manufacturer also provide custom brand logo service on the LCD screen, allowing people to know more about the services you offer. 


LCD Displays Shape
LCD Displays Shape

Your custom LCD screen shape demand, either square screen, special-shaped screen, single-sided screen, hanging screen, shelf bar screen, stretch screen, double-sided screen, strip screen, standing screen, or intelligent split screen can be uniquely made.

Fully Custom LCD Displays & Modules for Various Businesses

LCD display manufacturer Zhsunyco® drives application-specific innovations and efficiencies. Bring all your demands; we are capable of delivering all custom LCD screens no matter how demanding the specifications are.

How LCD Displays Boost Your Business
To Another Level?

LCD displays hold immense potential in leveraging businesses to another level. Here’s how:

High Resolution 2K Screen

Our 2K screens offer superior image quality, ensuring crisper, more detailed, and more life-like visual presentations. Apart from attracting potential customers, detailed imagery also helps accurately represent your products. This is crucial for industries where detailing can make a substantial difference, like fashion, jewelry, real estate, etc.

Deliver More Information

More information about the product can be displayed in an attractive and organized manner—utilizing videos or animations for explaining the product or service. Having as much information available can satisfy customer concerns and can influence their buying decisions.

Video Presentation

LCD allows for immersive video presentation of selling points and product features. It’s an effective way to communicate complex information or narratives that may be difficult to express through static imagery alone. Just imagine a beautifully made video with fast-paced edits and pumping music to catch customers’ attention, compared to a static poster. Which do you think will have more impact?

Catch Customer's Attention

Dual-sided LCD displays in the aisles or at strategic locations can have an all-around reach, making them visible to everyone, irrespective of the direction they are approaching from. This not only contributes to better marketing but also ensures better space utilization in the store, leaving room for customer-friendly arrangements.

Wide-ranging LCD Display Applications

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With the wide square screen, our LCD displays present NFT art and famous oil paintings, with the image being easy to control for a more complete viewing experience.

Retail Stores

The spacious screen gives a clear view of your content to attract many passers-by to make a purchase in your store.

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Cosmetics Counter

Through their high resolution and widescreen, our LCD displays project videos and images that present everything needed to attract more customers.

Boost Sales with SDK
Streamline Your Digital Display Integration

Each screen served as a testament to the power of advertising, a silent but potent minstrel singing tales of new products and launches in every corner of the metropolis.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Interactive screens can captivate customers and increase dwell time. The longer customers stay engaged with your message or interactive content, the more likely they are to make a purchase or develop a stronger connection with the brand.

Group 98

Higher Engagement

With high-quality, dynamic visuals and interactive experiences, LCD displays can attract more attention than traditional static signage. This increased engagement can lead directly to increased sales.

Group 96

Real-Time Updates

LCD displays can be updated instantly to showcase new products, limited-time promotions, or flash sales, drawing in customers and creating a sense of urgency which can drive quick purchases.

Group 99

Effective Product Demonstration

For cosmetics especially, LCD displays can showcase product application and results, allowing customers to understand the product usage and see the effects in a much more compelling and realistic way than pictures could portray.

Group 97

Brand Storytelling

By offering engaging, high-quality visual content, LCD screens can help tell a brand's story, convey its values, and foster an emotional connection with customers. This can boost customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases in the long term. This is particularly important in the luxury sector where brand value and identity are significant aspects of the purchase decision.

Group 100


LCD displays can highlight high-end products, exclusive editions, or product bundles to upsell. They can also suggest related products that complement the main product a customer is interested in, prompting additional purchases.

Dependable LCD Displays Manufacturer in China

Zhsunyco® is a leading LCD displays manufacturer worldwide delivering premium custom LCD screens to meet the rigorous requirements of the market. We can provide fully integrated assemblies, as well as stand-alone display components. Our capabilities extend to offering unique E-ink displays, electronic shelf labels, digital signage for conference rooms, and many more.

Having a strong production facility of 20,000m², 12 production lines, and 11 invention patents, we only make high-resolution LCD panels, hence our certifications from TF16949, ISO, and RoHS.

Dependable LCD Displays Manufacturer in China

Experienced LCD Displays Manufacturer

Zhsunyco® boasts years of professionalism and experience designing solutions for complex industrial demands. With us as your LCD display manufacturer, you can rely on our deep knowledge to provide you the most suitable solutions for your requirements.

Quality Assurance

Zhsunyco is a proud partner with BOE, one of Fortune’s Global 500 companies. This collaboration attests to the superior quality of our products. Ensuring our commitment to excellence, each LCD screen is subjected to stringent quality testing procedures。

Stable Material Supply Chain

Zhsunyco liaise with industry reliable raw material suppliers, making our production to be fast and of high-quality. We are accredited first-tier agent for Samsung, LG, and BOE.

Custom LCD Displays Capability

LCD screen supplier Zhsunyco offers custom sizes, logos, enclosures, colors, etc for LCD displays. We have all the resources and knowledge needed to meet your demands.

Low MOQ From 1PC

 Come with all your demands no matter how minimal or bulky the orders are. Only order one LCD screen, we also can ship it, allowing startup businesses to have the best LCD monitors.

Competitive Price

Our LCD screen offerings are competitively priced, you can expect a cost reduction of 5%-10% relative to what other LCD and e-ink display manufacturer charge. This price advantage combined with our unwavering commitment to quality ensures you receive the very best value.

Fast Delivery

As a seasoned LCD displays manufacturer, we possess an extensive array of the industry’s most common sizes and versatile molds. This vast inventory allows us to swiftly cater to your specifications, enabling us to initiate production at short notice.

Utmost Care Package

Our LCD screen is enfolded with pearl cotton to cushion it from potential harm. And it is placed securely within a wooden box for added robust protection. With these measures in place, we guarantee that the product reaches your hands in pristine condition.

After-sales Service

You will continually enjoy technical support after production is completed. We offer installation tutorial and a one year hardware guarantee, replacement of product quality problems (not caused by human factors), and lifetime software upgrade.

China LCD Screen Sourcing Guide

Below is a comprehensive guide that will help you in sourcing your custom LCD screen

  • What is LCD Displays

LCD, a short form for Liquid Crystal Display, is an electronically modulated optical device that makes use of liquid crystals in its primary form of operation. LCD doesn’t emit light directly, rather make use of a backlight or reflector to display images in colors.

  • Types of LCD Displays


Types of LCD Displays

There are three major types of LCD displays. They are Twisted Nematic (TN), In-Plane Switching (IPS), and Vertical Alignment (VA).

  • Twisted Nematic (TN): This is the most popular LCD display type. The technology consists of nematic liquid crystals compressed between two glass plates. When power is applied to the electrodes, the LCD will twist by 90⁰. It’s cost-effective, has a high refresh rate but limited brightness.
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS): This LCD technology enhances image quality by acting on the liquid crystal in the display screen. When power is applied, the liquid crystals rotate parallel instead of upright to allow light to go through. This action results in high image quality. With IPS, you will get better contrast, brightness, color representation, and viewing angles than TN. No matter the angle you’re viewing from, the images won’t be distorted.
  • Vertical Alignment (VA): Also called Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment. It displays both TN and IPS screens features. When power is applied, the pixels align vertically to the glass, allowing light to pass through. VA LCD provides wide angle, high contrast, and good color reproduction images. 
  • Sourcing from a Reliable LCD Screen Supplier

Zhsunyco®  is a LCD screen manufacturer and supplier you can count on to deliver LCD screen display solutions and electronic price tags in supermarkets with the highest quality, functionality, and durability. Starting from the conversation stage, we help take your requirements from the concept level to a feasible design level. After production is completed, we continue to provide you with professional assistance and support.

  • Customer Communication and Consultation: We talk with you, discussing your LCD screen requirements and concerns.
  • Quotation: We will send you a price quote based on your LCD order.
  • Samples: Within 3 days, we will make small-scale samples for you to assess.
  • Customer Confirmation: You will thoroughly assess and evaluate the LCD screens to know if they comply with your requirements.
  • Mass production: Following the approval of the samples, we begin full production of your order.
  • Delivery: Within 7 days, your order production will be completed and shipped to you via your preferred means.

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