Digital Meeting Room Signage

Digital displays have become more and more popular, not only in our retail industry, but also in our daily lives.

Digital Meeting Room Signage

Digital displays have become more and more popular, not only in our retail industry, but also in our daily lives.

Digital Meeting Room Signage

Digital displays have become more and more popular, not only in our retail industry, but also in our daily lives.
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Why Use Digital Signage for Conference Rooms

Digital meeting room signs help to manage meeting spaces and display essential and up-to-date information. When connected to a data source, such as your calendar or meeting reservation system, digital door signages are instantly updated with new information via a wireless network. This enables quick communication of room changes or meeting cancellations, avoiding confusion and ensuring staff keep to time.

Digital conference room signs allow communication of important company information. Companies can display images and videos for seminars, training opportunities, team activities, and upcoming events on digital office signs. Additionally, staff and guests will easily navigate the office premises and locate meeting rooms.

Electronic lables for conference room

A Comprehensive and Convenient ESL Solution for Smart Office

We provide a variety of communication technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, 2.4GHz) digital office display solutions, including 3.5-inch ID cards, 7.5-inch conference table signs, 10.2-inch door signs to meet the needs of multiple and diverse customers.

Office status automatic timely update

After the traditional paper labels in offices and conference rooms are replaced by electronic labels, you can create an all-round intelligent management of office premises. For example, the electronic label can automatically update the display content according to the reservation situation of the conference room in order to make the office staff more aware of the use of the conference room, while leaving a modern and professional corporate image to your visiting customers.


Easy to integrate with other systems

Your data can be integrated with zhsunyco®’s software interface (API). As a result, room reservations are displayed against calendar management systems (eg Exchange, Domino, Google Calendar ), reservations used by the ERP office.

Energy Efficiency

E-paper displays consume power only when updating the content,  this means that once the information is displayed, no energy is used to maintain it, making digital displays highly energy-efficient.

Wireless Operation

E-paper displays allow for real-time updates and remote management. This is particularly useful for dynamic office environments where room bookings or information might change frequently.

Maximum Transparency

7.5”, 10.2″ large e-ink screen display with custom template format for full display of information, and seamlessly blending with modern office interiors and tech-forward appeal.

Durability & Longevity

E-paper displays are robust and can withstand the wear and tear of daily office use. They have a long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and offering a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Flexibility & Customization

E-paper displays allow system integrators and software companies to link their custom RPIs. This offers a high degree of customization to suit specific office needs.

Visibility & Readability

E-paper mimics the appearance of natural paper and offers high contrast, ensuring the content is easily readable even under direct sunlight or office lighting. 

Intelligent Pricing Synchronization
Intelligent Pricing Synchronization
Product Geolocation
Picking and replenishment

Grocers Worldwide Using ZhSunyco®'s ESL Solutions

Explore how our range of ESL solutions address the unique demands that groceries encounter and help elevate their businesses.

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One-stop Digital Office Sign Solution

Zhsunyco® is a leading digital office sign supplier and electronic shelf label manufacturer, offering numerous electronic sign solutions for scheduling, branding, displaying company information, and updating employees, among others.

Digital Office Door Signage


Digital Office Door Signage

We supply fully automated digital office signs that prevent time-wasting from manual intervention. You can easily make and transmit necessary changes to employees with the aid of our user-friendly digital office signs.



Meeting Room Scheduling and Booking

Display precise and updated details of scheduled board meetings, training sessions, and zoom meetings on digital meeting room signages. Our digital office sign solutions provide the most flexible and reliable experience.

Office ESL
Digital Signage Placed At Visible Area Between Two Staircases


Build Company Branding and Marketing

The company’s display equipment can directly convey information related to your brand, which is why digital conference room signs can be such a big advantage. We supply you with electronic labels and sleek and modern LCD screen signage for offices that tell a positive story about your brand and how you do business.


Workplace Management With Digital Signs

Following the current trend of work-at-home and hybrid working systems, electronic door signs and LCD screens will enable employees to find their way around the office to meet colleagues in person or attend physical meetings. This also applies to customers. Knowing how to locate specific offices in the building will be easy.


Digital Signs Displaying Company Information
Software Development Kit


Free API And Middleware

Our free API support helps in your labeling transition, from paper to digital labels or from one digital solution to another. The API aids in the smooth integration of electronic room signs.


Custom Digital Meeting Room Signage

Zhsunyco® offers customization options that enable you to personalize the digital conference room signages to fit your company or brand. Our custom options include the following:

Digital Office Sign Size

While we supply the popular display screen sizes, including the 42 and 55 inches, we also manufacture digital signages to fit your size requirements.

Digital Door Signage Color

Zhsunyco® makes it possible to match your office signature color with your electronic meeting room signs. Our custom color options are endless and can accommodate as many colors as you want.

Modern Office Door Signs Logo

Design and build your brand logo into your digital room signage order. Besides representing your brand to guests, your logo on digital room signs improves the aesthetics of your office area.

LCD screen for hospital

Difference Between LCD and E-paper

The choice between LCD and E-paper largely depends on the specific requirements of the application, with each offering distinct advantages.

office digital signage
Offers a vivid range of colors, ideal for detailed graphics, images, and videos.
Consumes power continuously even when the content remains static.
Ensuring visibility in low-light conditions, but it can produce glare under strong ambient light.
High refresh rate allows for smooth transitions, animations, and video playback.
Commonly available with touchscreen functionality, allowing for interactive applications.
Can be prone to burn-in if static images are displayed for extended periods.
LCDs are preferable for dynamic content, collaborative work, and presentations.

Color Display

Energy Consumption

Visibility and Lighting

Refresh Rate


Durability and Lifespan


Selection are less then LCD, primary colors are black/white/blue/red.
Consumes power only when updating content, making it more energy-efficient for static displays.
Reflective display with high contrast and eye-friendly., ensuring readability even under direct sunlight.
Slower refresh rate, best suited for static content or content that doesn't require frequent updates.
Touchscreen versions are available but less common than LCD, the experience
No risk of burn-in, making it suitable for static displays that remain unchanged for long durations.
E-paper is ideal for static infomation displays, signage, and room booking displays outside the meeting rooms.

How Does a Meeting Room Digital Signage Work?

How Does a Meeting Room Digital Signage Work

Meeting room digital signages are also known as digital door signs and commonly involve interactive LED displays and digital labels. Power-saving e-ink technology can also be used in this device. These digital signages are flexible and allow freedom for design and information, which is why they are placed in areas where they are most visible, such as office reception, doors of conference and meeting rooms, walls of important office spaces, etc.

Three major components are involved in using digital signage in the office. They are the electronic display unit, communication unit, and communication network.

The electronic display unit is usually installed in visible locations where employees and customers will easily see them. The communication unit, on the other hand, functions by controlling the display unit through wireless communication. While the communication network manages all office information and relates them to the communication unit.

Clear e-ink should be used for the display unit to ensure people can see information conveniently. And the communication unit and communication network must have a strong connection to avoid delays in information transmission.

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