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As an electronic shelf label manufacturer, ZhSunyco® researches and develops cutting-edge in-store digital technology. ZhSunyco® offers an assortment of electronic shelf label solutions to assist in propelling the retail IoT revolution and turning physical stores into digital assets.


One-Stop Digital Price Display Solution

electronic shelf label

Electronic Shelf Label

Designed to replace traditional paper labels on store shelves, our Electronic Shelf Labels promote quick access to price information and inventory, digitizing purchases and warehousing incorporated with Web3.0 & nft concept.

E-ink screen

E-Ink Display

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, E-Ink Screens from ZhSunyco® have detailed information displays that use minimal power and a multi-stable technology that retains its display even on power failures.

LCD display product diagram

LCD Display

With their bright, crisp images and high resolution, these LCD Displays can showcase any content you want and complements various applications, from high-end stores to art galleries.

01 Electronic Shelf Label
02 E-Ink Display
03 LCD Display

Operations of ZhSunyco® Electronic Shelf Labels

Display Solution for

Large and Medium Retail Business

Display Solution for

Small Retail Business

Smart Warehousing Solutions

(for warehouses)

Retail store shelf

Digital Display Solution for Large and Medium Retail Business

With our robust line of ESL solutions, unnecessary expenses are taken out while improving price accuracy and enhancing customer experience.

Digital Display Solution for Small Retail Store

Digital Display Solution for Small Retail Business

Make fast and secure transactions between electronic devices, reducing paperwork and inspections required among retailers and suppliers that could delay vital businesses.

Smart Warehousing Solution

Smart Warehousing Solution

Maintain a constantly-updated record of extensive inventories, expedite order placements, and easily manage your warehouse anywhere in the world via our world-class technology.

300+ 300+ 300+ Retailers in Over 180 Countries Run the ZhSunyco® ESL Solution in Their Stores

Capacity of Electronic Shelf Labels in 2024
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Total sales in 2024

Ranked among China’s top 10 electronic shelf label manufacturers, ZhSunyco® has provided advanced digital price displays to over 180 countries.

Helping retailers transform brick-and-mortar outlets into valuable digital assets, ZhSunyco® has developed the Retail IoT technology platform. This platform allows stores to be more automated, data-driven, and seamless connectivity for suppliers and consumers.

17,600+ Stores Run the ZhSunyco® ESL Solution Everyday
Be One of Them!

Grocery store
consumer electronics
Convenience store sample
Beauty and health section
smart office
smart hospital
intelligent storage


Consumer Electronics

Convenience Store

Health & Beauty

Smart Office

Smart Hospital

Smart Warehouse


Major Markets Of ZhSunyco® Digital Shelf Labels


End User

With our solution setup connected via the cloud, inventory management and monitoring of multiple store locations are fast and hassle-free.



Build better relationships with your business partners with our assortment of ESL products and services.


System Integrators

There is no need to create or purchase a separate program for integration, as ZhSunyco® provides an in-house software development toolkit to fit your market’s needs.

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