Our smart ESL solutions help grocery stores provide accurate and timely prices while ensuring they run at minimum power to help reduce costs.


Our smart ESL solutions help grocery stores provide accurate and timely prices while ensuring they run at minimum power to help reduce costs.


Our smart ESL solutions help grocery stores provide accurate and timely prices while ensuring they run at minimum power to help reduce costs.

A Comprehensive Supermarket Digital Price Tags Solution

Supermarket ESL

Our electronic price tags in supermarkets enable retailers to instantaneously update the prices that relay information to their customers and promote the launch of the latest products to guide customers through a smooth transaction experience. To add more convenience to your customers, our ESLs monitor the status of shelves to ensure a steady flow of goods, keeping up with fast requirements during busy days.

Manage Stores in the Cloud-based Software

Supermarket items are often faced with price changes and plans. With our cloud-based software, price and plan updates will be initiated quickly with great precision and minimal effort.

Provide Supermarket Electronic Labels and Accessories

Zhsunyco® makes premium supermarket electronic price tags and plastic accessories like hanger clips and ice insertions that will enhance installation. They are designed to be fixed, rotated, and easily removable at any time.

Free Software Development Kit Support

We provide free software development kit (SDK) support for your supermarket, including assessing your code to see if there are any errors and offering professional assistance to solve them.

Anti-theft and Anti-fall System

Zhsunyco® provides custom anti-theft and anti-fall ESL systems that allows supermarkets to have fixed electronic price tags and improved merchandising plans, which results in higher ROI than the past.

Why Need ZhSunyco® Electronic Price Tags in Supermarkets

Electronic Price Tags for towel retailer


Product Geolocation

With our supermarket ESL solutions, Customers and supermarket associates can find the location of supermarket products faster, in addition, store staff no longer need to manually change price tags frequently. The supermarket has seen a 30% improvement in picking efficiency and the time it takes to complete orders. Store assistants also show faster order preparation with digital shelf labels, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

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Automated Shelf Monitoring, Picking, and Replenishment Optimization

Using supermarket electronic price tags, less employees are needed, meaning salary expenses are greatly reduced. Shelf monitoring, picking, and replenishment can be done automatically from the database. Within seconds, product prices can be updated across all shelves. The accuracy and speed of this technique is second to none.

How Does Supermarket Electronic Price Tags Work


Shopper Connectivity and In-store Digital Services Improvement

With little to no help, customers will be able to find their way around the store. Since the major information are provided on each product label, customers will be able to choose the best option. With supermarket ESLs, it becomes very easy to manage the store.

Digital Advertising and Promotion


Digital Advertising and Promotion

Supermarket digital price tags provides a great opportunity to advertise and promote other products. For instance, a product ESL can be used to promote other similar products in the supermarket. This increases sales.

Sustainability and Waste Reduction


Sustainability and Waste Reduction

In addition to eliminating the use of paper, the cost associated with ink, printers, and maintenance is reduced. This improves environmental sustainability as more eco-friendly materials are now used. Also, the prices of items, especially those nearing their expiration dates can be periodically reduced so that customers will buy them quickly. 

How Custom Supermarket Digital Price Tags Encourage Growth

Electronic shelf labels display prices according to what is inputted and can be updated within a smart system to ensure the accurate presentation of information to customers. Our supermarket custom solutions provide unique fonts and styles. For chain stores, we consider your brand image in the look of the ESL, as well as the style of the displayed digital price tag.

When making the design and label display, we take into account the supermarket details, such as the number of floors the store has, the single floor area, and your current merchandise. By matching your management system, be it POS, CRM, ERP, or MCR/n, we guarantee that our ESLs will draw your audiences to your shelves, resulting in greater brand recognition.

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Custom Supermarket
ESL Size

We can make any dimensions electronic labels you need for your supermarket. Sizes ranging from 1.54" to 12.5" are available in Zhsnuyco®. Other sizes could be customized.

Custom Supermarket ESL Enclosure Color

Based on your requirement, we will customize the color of the Supermarket electronic price tag enclosures to catch the customer's eye/attention, or to fit the overall store decor.

Custom Supermarket
ESL Logo

To promote your business, your brand logo can be designed on your supermarket electronic labels, thereby creating more awareness for your products and services.

How Does Supermarket Electronic Price Tags Work

A supermarket electronic price tag is a device that displays the price of a product for better customer experience and in-store management.    It’s made up of a digital price tag, communication unit, and communication network.


The display unit is usually installed on store shelves to display product prices while the communication unit functions by controlling the display unit through wireless communication.    The communication network, on the other hand, is used to manage all information that has to do with products and download charts to communication units.   Only need to ​synchronize the product information to cloud server, so that the label price will be automatically updated.

How Does Supermarket Electronic Price Tags Work

Cost-Effective PoE Solution For Supermarket Price Tag


💡 How PoE Works?

PoE delivers Direct Current (DC) power using copper Ethernet cabling. This means it can simultaneously address two core challenges with the same cable, provides network connectivity and also deliver power. Then, deploy the Ethernet cabling on the ceiling and link the cables from the top of the shelf to the labels to achieving weak powder support.

Zhsunyco, with rich experience in the field, have successfully implemented PoE in many large supermarkets, further validating its effectiveness.

PoE is a modern, efficient, and cost-effective solution for electronic shelf labeling in large supermarkets. It offers a seamless integration of power and network transmission, making it an ideal choice for supermarket and retail stores.

If the challenge of setting up the digital price tags solution feels overwhelming, reach out to us without delay. Our expert team is ready to craft a tailor-made solution that perfectly aligns with your unique needs. Contact us now and take the first step towards success.

Benefits Behind Applying PoE System

Dual Functionality

Network Transmission

Enables efficient label management by providing a consistent network connection.

Power Management

Powers the electronic shelf labels, eliminating the need for separate power sources or batteries.


Battery Savings

Supermarkets have a few thousand SKU tags. Using batteries for price tags means manual replacements, PoE eliminates the high labor costs.

Infrastructure Savings

For large spaces, re-wiring, arranging power supplies, sockets, and adapters is a significant investment. PoE reduces these infrastructure costs.



Easy Installation

PoE offers a simpler deployment process, reducing the time required and difficulity for installation.

No Battery Replacement

Since PoE powers the labels, there's no need to spend time replacing batteries.

Reliability & Scalability


With PoE, there's a consistent power source, reducing the risk of labels going offline due to battery failures.


As the store grows or changes its layout, PoE systems can be easily expanded or reconfigured without significant additional costs.

Why Choose Zhsunyco® for Your Supermarket ESL Needs

Having a 20,000m² factory area, 12 production lines, and capability to produce as much as 250w pcs/year, we are capable of meeting your supermarket electronic labels order. As a result of manufacturing quality products, we’ve gained several certifications, such as TF16949, ISO, and RoHS.

Competitive Prices 

Using state-of-the-art technology, high degree of automation in the production line, and lower processing cost, we are able to manufacture supermarket affordable ESLs. The cost is about 5%-10% lower than the original.

Custom E-paper Display Ability

Our capabilities extends to providing Software Development Kit (SDK) with complementing functions that allow us to meet the needs of local users and provide technical support to customers.

Custom Supermarket ESL Capability

We have the strength and knowledge of fulfilling all your custom ESL demands no matter the complexities. With no limitation to our abilities, we can also make other digital labels for digital office signs.

After-sale Services

We offer technical assistance by connecting your cash register and completing the system deployment. Also, the hardware comes with a one year guarantee while the software enjoys free upgrade for life.

Quick Delivery

 Within 3 days, samples are provided for you to assess. Following your satisfaction, bulk production will be completed within 7 days and sent to you immediately. Fast orders take 3-5 days.

Grocers Worldwide Using ZhSunyco®'s ESL Solutions

Explore how our range of ESL solutions address the unique demands that groceries encounter and help elevate their businesses.

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Experience Zhsunyco's Electronic Shelf Labels Today

To make your decision process effortless, we have meticulously prepared an ESL sample collection designed to cater to your unique display needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to verify the perfect label size for your business with our convenient base station.

Contact us today and experience the versatility of our ESL Solution offerings. Discover firsthand the wide range of sizes available in Zhsunyco’s Electronic Shelf Labels and define your store with the accuracy and sophistication of Digital Price Tags. Our professional team with rich experience will provide you professional solution to boost your business.

Why Use Digital Price Tags in Supermarkets

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, supermarkets are constantly seeking ways to enhance the shopping experience and streamline operations.

One such innovation is the adoption of electronic price tags. These digital price tags offer a dynamic solution to the traditional paper-based system. Unlike the conventional store price tags, these price tags for retail stores can be updated instantly, ensuring accurate pricing and reducing human error. Especially in grocery store price labels, where there’s a need for frequent updates due to promotions or stock changes, these digital price tags for grocery stores prove invaluable.

Moreover, grocery store shelf labels and grocery store unit price labels can be easily read and are more environmentally friendly than their paper counterparts. The grocery store shelf tags and grocery store tags also enhance the store’s aesthetic, giving it a modern touch.

Furthermore, shelf tags for grocery stores provide clarity, ensuring customers can easily compare prices and make informed decisions. In essence, the supermarket price tag has evolved, and these grocery shelf tags represent the future of retail pricing, combining efficiency with a superior customer experience.

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