Digital Signage in Hospitals  

Hospital digital signage for effective communication and branding.

Digital Signage in Hospitals  

Hospital digital signage for effective communication and branding.

Digital Signage in Hospitals  

Hospital digital signage for effective communication and branding.

Why Use Digital Signage in Hospitals

Like some other major sectors, the medical industry caters to a lot of people. Hence, that’s why activities should be simplified with medical digital signage. In light of the continuous rise in the number of hospital treatments and lack of competent staff, the healthcare sector can really benefit from going digital signage.

Electronic labels are a great step forward as they enhance operation efficiency with less workforce and cost. Digital signage in hospitals is not only pleasing to the eye but hygienic and easy to clean. Also, they alleviate the heavy workload of nursing staff. Bed allocation, update of room occupancy, and relevant data for healthcare specialists, patients, and visitors can be provided with electronic labels, hence spending less cost and allowing staff to have time for other tasks.

Digital Signage in a Hospital Waiting Room

Benefits of Digital Signage in Hospitals

Digital signage solutions for hospitals are so enormous. Generally, the application of the electronic system results in faster and accurate operations with less effort. It’s considered a long-term investment to upgrade the management and operations of hospitals. Below are a few of the many benefits of hospital digital signage solutions.

Spread Healthcare Advice and Knowledge

With the use of digital devices, especially LCD screens, patients and visitors can be enlightened about some health facts. Medical experts can explore the chance to advise and instill some knowledge into people, teaching them how to live a healthier life to avoid illness.

Ease Hospital Staff Workload

Digital signage in hospitals helps to reduce staff workload in a cost-effective way as labeling, instructions, and other simple information that ought to be done manually are handled centrally by automated software. Thanks to this, staff will be able to spend quality time doing other tasks, hence ensuring improved efficiency.

Enhance Hospitals Organization

Digital signage supports the coordination of messages across the hospital with an easy-to-use web-based system. A digital employee plan that displays a clear overview of each staff working hours, shift, and holiday replacement can be created, ensuring that there’s no mix up. And unplanned events can be quickly updated, guaranteeing smooth flow of activities.

Remove Patient Anxiety

To eliminate fear and make patients less worrisome, hospitals can display encouraging, entertaining, and custom messages through video wall screens and LCD monitors. This is more necessary in the waiting room where the anxiety heightens. 

Easy Navigation

Most hospitals often have multiple rooms, floors, and sections, which could lead to confusion for patients and visitors. Thanks to digital signage, patients and visitors can find their location and way without interrupting staff who might be busy with critical activities.

Brand Marketing / Display Promotional Content

Medical digital signage can be leveraged to showcase hospital facilities, capabilities, and other promotional content. Also, the achievements of the hospital can also be displayed, such as the number of critical operations that have been handled, awards, and recognitions. All these will instill more faith in the patients.

One-stop Solution for Digital Signage in Healthcare

At Zhsunyco®, we provide all-round services, supplying you with all sorts of digital signage solutions for hospitals. Here are some of them.

electronic labels

Operating Room Digital Board

Electronic labels are used to provide information about the availability of operating rooms and check-out times of occupied rooms. Digital labels are also applied to record the medical staff in charge of patients.


Digital Patients Information Label

As a professional electronic shelf label manufacturer, we supply reliable electronic labels that are used to display patients’ information, such as their name, age, condition, and other information useful in their healthcare.



electronic Label used in patient bed
Hospital Building Digital Directory

Digital Directories

Availability of interactive digital wayfinding displays and directories, which help patients and visitors find their way in the hospital easily. With LCD screen, everyone will get to where they are going, making sure that they don’t miss visiting hours and important meetings.



Digital Advertising Screens

As an expert LCD displays manufacturer, we provide LCD screens with high-resolution and quality to promote new procedures and products that can be used to cure various diseases. Other information, such as seasonal offers and exciting initiatives can also be shown to the world via this medium.



Hospital Digital Advertising Display
Hospital Digital Cafeteria Food Menu

Hospital Cafeteria

While patients are waiting to see the doctor, they may want something to eat. Hospitals can use digital signage to display menus, prices, and details in the cafeteria. Not only that but also according to different dietary needs to classify food.


Employee Communications

With hospital digital signage solutions, staff efficiency will be improved by ensuring a great method of communication between the management and employees. Information will circulate quickly, allowing medical staff to be updated on the latest events, policies, and safety procedures.



Electronic labels used for Hospital Staff Communicating

Custom Digital Signage in Hospitals

Custom Digital Signage in Hospitals

Zhsunyco® has an extensive capability in manufacturing all forms of digital signage, including electronic shelf labels and LCD screens regardless of the size, shape, logo customization, etc.

Custom Electronic Labels for Hospitals

You can custom any dimension, shape, and enclosed color of digital labels. We are capable of incorporating all specifications and demands in the manufacturing process.

Custom Hospital LCD Screen Sizes

Your LCD screen size requirements will be followed to the latter, enabling patients and visitors to have a clear view of information displayed.

Custom Hospital Digital Signage Logo

To build your brand and market your business to a larger public, your logo can be customized on the hospital digital signage.


Why Choose Zhsunyco® for Your Digital Office Signs Supplies

In addition to having a 20,000m² production factory, 12 production lines, and ability to produce various digital signage, including supermarket digital price tags, Zhsunyco® products are certified by TF16949, ISO, and RoHS. Below are some other reasons why you should choose us as your digital hospital signage supplier.

One-stop Service

We provide you with everything you need starting from the software, hardware, and technical support. Electronic labels, LCD screens are available in Zhsunyco®. Your bulk orders can be fulfilled within the shortest time.

Competitive Price

Our digital signage are very affordable in relation to other manufacturers. We employ a streamlined production process, and reduced labor cost, making the overall cost to be less than 7% of the market price.

Independent System Development

Thanks to our independent system development capability, we offer Software Development Kits (SDK) and develop functions to meet the needs of hospitals, as well as provide technical assistance.

Custom Digital hospital Sign Capability

All our departments, starting from the R&D team to the production and packaging team are filled with experts with years of experience and capability to meet all custom digital signage demands.

After-sale Services

There is a steady customer service department available 24/7 to give immediate feedback to all your inquiries. Asides that, we proffer professional advice that can help upscale your brand.

Stable Supply & Quick Delivery

All our raw materials are sourced from trusted industry suppliers, boosting the reliability of our products. Production and shipment are fulfilled within 7 days. Fast production takes only 3-5 days. 

Importance of Electronic Shelf Labels for Hospitals

In addition to the fact that electronic shelf labels (ESLs) help in facilitating several labeling requirements in hospitals, they are also hygienic as they are not made with paper and are easy to clean. Patients’ information is displayed on each ESLs, enabling healthcare specialists to perform their duties better and faster.

Instead of using traditional means of labeling, which is paper, ESLs supports the use of e-ink displays resulting in less cost and time consumption. Also, the hardware’s simple infrastructure does not require wiring, making them very easy to install.

Importance of Electronic Shelf Labels for Hospitals

Better Drug Inventory Management

Integrating the electronic labels with the ERP system helps in obtaining accurate drug inventory information and pricing, and as well give immediate notification when inventory is updated. With this, there will be guaranteed accuracy and timeliness of drug price information.

Record Patient Information Quicker and More Accurately

Instead of writing with the hands using paper and ink, record of patients’ information is done quicker and more accurately by the e-ink system. It’s a fast and 100% error-free system.

Improved Hospital Staff Efficiency

Since the electronic labels are practically helping customers by displaying directions and prices of drugs, staff are left with lesser jobs to do. Hence, they are able to commit all efforts on other activities, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Reduce Cost & Save Energy

The overall cost used in running the ESL system is way lesser than the traditional methods as the cost of paper, ink, and printers are reduced. Also ESL will keep displaying product information without power supply, thereby saving energy.

Remote Software Management

Cloud-based software is used in managing ESL, guaranteeing tight data security. All channels are controlled from one major source; stores in other locations can be managed effectively from a remote location.

How Does Medical Digital Signage Work

Using medical digital signage is very easy. All it requires is a few components, which are a display unit (ESL or LCD screen), well-prepared content, and a strong wireless communication network. The content includes information you want to pass across to staff, patients, and visitors.

The content is sent to the display unit via the communication network (which must be strong to avoid delay or break in transmission). After this, all that’s left is to monitor and manage, as well as to make quick updates when necessary.

How Does Medical Digital Signage Work

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