System Integrators

As your ESL solutions partner, ZhSunyco® offers an exclusive application programming interface to aid you in optimal system integration.

System Integrators

As your ESL solutions partner, ZhSunyco® offers an exclusive application programming interface to aid you in optimal system integration.

System Integrators

As your ESL solutions partner, ZhSunyco® offers an exclusive application programming interface to aid you in optimal system integration.
System Integrators
Full Custom Digital Shelf Tags

Optimized API for
Seamless System Integration

Zhsunyco®’s proprietary Application Programming Interface (API) offers system integrators a seamless, efficient, and secure integration solution for ESL. This API facilitates easy and quick customized integration through its pre-set configurations and simple programming capabilities.

Catering to a wide range of industries including retail, logistics, healthcare, education, and corporate services, Zhsunyco® delivers tailored technical support, helping integrators fulfill diverse customer requirements, speed up the integration process, and cut down on expenses.

Cross-Platform Harmony

Designed for broad compatibility, the API effortlessly bridges various operating systems and hardware devices, ensuring seamless integration across platforms.

API Flexibility Unleashed

Adaptable API interfaces simplify system integration, enabling quick sync, efficient device management, and custom functionality creation with ease.

Fortress of Data Safety

By deploying the software on the client’s servers, risks associated with data transmission through the cloud, such as security vulnerabilities and privacy breaches, are mitigated.

Speed Thrust in Integration

Pre-configured ESL settings and user-friendly programming features expedite integration, greatly shortening project timelines.

Strong Scalability

Cloud-based 3.0 system supports multi-store and hyper-threading, providing a robust platform for automated and efficient system integration with its API offerings.

Technical Support

Includes an API with additional services for code error checking and problem resolution, ensuring technical protection for system integrators.
Leading Digital Tag Supplier in China

Enhancing Operations with Advanced ESLs

Our Electronic Shelf Label system assures accurate and stable data transfer over multiple environments such as NET 6.0, Windows, Linux, MACOS, and Docker, by integrating superior hardware APIs, eRetail3.1, and MQTT protocol. It’s perfectly suited for the evolving demands of retail by improving workflow efficiency and enhancing the shopping experience. Through our API offerings, retailers can modify and scale their ESL setup in alignment with their specific operational needs, paving the way for smarter, more automated store management.

Comprehensive Digital Label Solutions for Diverse Industries

digital display solutions for retail business


Retail Business

With our highly compatible retail management solution, synchronizing data and managing multiple stores is quick and hassle-free.

Warehouse ESL


Warehousing & Logistics

Durable, waterproof, and shock-resistant materials, along with low-power design, ensure stable operation of tags in large warehouse environments.

Office ESL


Smart Office

A user-friendly interface, digital display technology with high visual comfort and low power consumption, plus wireless updating and management, streamline scheduling, branding, corporate displays, and staff updates.

digital display solutions for hospital



A secure information synchronization solution for hospital ESLs that ensures improved drug inventory management, swift and precise patient documentation, with zero errors.

Boost Sales with API
Streamline Your Digital Label Integration

With Zhsunyco® API digital label solutions, streamline electronic display integration and management, achieving more for less.

Group 95 (2)

Flexibility in Integration

API services enable seamless ESL system integration with existing retail management systems, offering effortless connectivity for inventory, pricing, and promotions.

Group 98

Customization of Solutions

APIs allow system integrators to tailor functionalities and interfaces to meet specific retail needs, enabling personalized services for price updates, inventory management, and system integrations like POS.

Group 96

Rapid Deployment

API usage simplifies the development and testing process, enabling quicker ESL solution deployment. Integrations through APIs are easier to maintain and upgrade due to clear interface definitions.

Group 99

Cost-Effective Development

Utilizing the APIs significantly reduces development and testing cycles, minimizing dependence on external technical support, thereby controlling the budget while ensuring quality.

Group 97

Preconfigured Solutions

The API integrates the best practices and technologies of the industry, lowering the technical barrier and aiding developers in avoiding common integration errors, thus enhancing development efficiency and product stability.

Group 100

Future Compatibility

API-integrated solutions adapt more easily to new technologies and standards, securing long-term investment value. They also enable real-time updates and interactive experiences, significantly improving the shopping experience.

Why Choose Zhsunyco® As Your Digital Label Manufacturer?

As a leading electronic label maker, we boast a factory area of 20,000 square meters with 12 production lines. Certified with TF16949, ISO, and RoHS, we stand among China’s top ten electronic shelf label manufacturers, having supplied advanced digital price displays to 180+ countries worldwide. Our strong production capabilities and years of manufacturing experience position us as your ideal partner for electronic labels.

Competitive Pricing

Utilizing advanced technology and automated production lines to optimize manufacturing costs, we produce cost-effective electronic price tags, anticipating a cost reduction of 5%-10%.

Custom Solutions

We assist in crafting distinctive solutions that enhance your brand’s presence, ranging from the design and dimensions of digital labels to incorporating accessories for improved functionality.

Stable Quality

Our quality inspection team, with over five years of experience, uses SMT technology and strict quality control processes to ensure a product qualification rate of 99.99%.

Experienced Team

With 12 years of R&D experience, 25 professional engineers, and over 150 patents, our team showcases technical strength and innovative capabilities.

Swift Delivery

With advanced project management and partnerships with leading logistics firms like DHL, UPS, and FedEx, we guarantee fast and on-time ESL project delivery.

Exceptional After-sales

Offering video installation guides, a one-year warranty for hardware and replacements for non-human damage, plus lifetime free software updates.

6 Steps to Forge a Collaboration with Zhsunyco®

As your reliable digital label company and electronic shelf label manufacturer, Zhsunyco® delivers comprehensive digital label solutions tailored for system integrators across various industries. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every project is handled with precision, from initial consultation to final delivery.

1. Consultation

We discuss your electronic label needs and concerns.

2. Requirement Confirmation

Our team provides detailed recommendations based on our discussions.

3. Detailed Quotation

We send a quote detailing cost analysis based on your needs.

4. Sample Inspection

Within 3 days, we provide samples of electronic shelf labels for evaluation.

5. Development Support

Test with our system or develop your software using our APIs.

6. Production & Delivery

Orders are produced and shipped within 7 days after confirmation, using your chosen method.

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    *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

    Talk to Specialists

      *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.