LCD Vs. LED: Which Is Better

It can be challenging when it comes to LCD vs. LED. Nowadays, selecting a television seems like entering a candy store, as many options exist. Also, one comes with words such as LCD, LED, etc., and it is vital to understand them. They should be a tech expert to understand these terms, but this is only partially true. Below is a complete guide stating the difference between LCD and LED.

What Is An LCD?

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LCD refers to the liquid-crystal display, which describes how the monitor works. Liquid crystals behind the screen are placed between the two layers of glass. Also, these crystals are used to change the pixel colors and create images. Some LCDs use CCFLs, which are cheaper than LED monitors. Some fantastic LCD panel manufacturers provide the highest quality product if you are looking for excellent quality LCD panels. 

What Is LED?

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Light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are tiny bulbs, are used by LED monitors to light the screen. Also, these LEDs are arranged in various arrangements; basically, there are two types: Edge lighting and full-array backlighting. 

In full-array backlighting, the diodes are distributed evenly, providing even lighting. Now with edge lighting, the diodes are present around the edges, and to spread the light, the manufacturers use a plastic sheet. This helps in cost saving for both the manufacturers and consumers. 

So, these are the basic definition of LCD and LED, but let’s take a deeper look at LCD vs. LED monitor.

Lcd vs. Led: What Are Their Differences

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It might not be apparent regarding LCD vs LED or LCD vs LED tv. LED is a type of backlight with a single-tube design that uses infrared rays. When it comes to LCD, it is also a backlight, but it is not bright enough when one compares it with LED. LCDs are the first choice for electrical appliances to be used as backlights. 

For example, regarding LCD vs LED display, televisions, mobile phones, etc., use LCD backlights because they cause less harm to the eyes. A reliable LCD screen manufacturer will ensure that their customers get top-notch products. So, what is the difference between LCD and LED? Let’s find out. 

  • Regarding LCD vs LED tv resolution, LCD offers more pixels, and as there is a rise in pixels, it increases picture quality and resolution. 
  • LEDs are energy efficient as compared to LCDs.
  • LCD comes with a broader viewing angle. Since LCDs emit light in every direction, the user can easily watch the content from different angles. 
  • LED emits light in one direction, making it difficult for users to view the screen from different angles. 
  • Comparing LCD vs LED display, LEDs are more expensive.
  • If a LED gets damaged, it becomes difficult to restore it, but with LCDs, this is not the case; they are relatively easier to repair. 
  • LEDs have better response time and start fast, increasing the booting process in LED devices such as computers, tv, etc. 
  • LED does not contain mercury, whereas LCD does, so LED is more eco-friendly. 
  • Since LCD works with direct current, it reduces its lifespan. LEDs contain gallium arsenides that are heated, and the light is emitted. 

Table: Difference between LCD and LED 

Response timeIt has a better response timeLCD has a slower response time than LED
BacklightLED television uses light-emitting diodes to reduce backlight, which is why they are energy efficient. They use CCFL tubes to produce backlight.
Picture QualityGood picture quality as compared to LCDThe picture quality is good, but LED is better.
CostCostlyLess costly than LED
ResolutionIt has better contrast and black levelThey have lower resolution and have fixed aspect ratio and resolution.
SizeUp to 90 inch13-57 inches
Display AreaThe display area is small since they cannot cover a wider angleThey have large display areas as they have a wider angle

There is some LCD and LED difference, but each has its advantages and disadvantages too. 

Pros Of LCD Display

Below are some of the advantages of LCDs.

  • They are cost-efficient
  • They are lightweight, and they come with fantastic viewing angles, so they are perfect as a digital meeting room signage
  • They provide amazing brightness

Cons Of LCD Display

The cons are: 

  • Regarding LCD vs LED tv, LCD is not the best choice for a low-light environment as it cannot efficiently produce dark grays and black light.
  • White saturation can occasionally cause uneven brightness.
  • LCD has a fixed resolution and aspect ratio.

Pros Of LED Screem

The following are some of the advantages of LED.

  • LEDs are durable, meaning they have a longer life span.
  • LEDs are very energy-efficient.
  • They do not require much maintenance.

Cons Of LED Screen

The main cons are:

  • LEDs are costly
  • It does not have a wider viewing angle
  • Once damaged, it isn’t easy to restore. 
  • Since parts can be challenging to find, repair costs can be high. 

LED Vs. LCD Which Is Better For Your Application

ZhSunyco LCD screen for supermarket
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There are different applications for LCD vs LED monitor; for example, they are used for gaming, digital signs, etc. So, it is vital to know LCD and LED difference. Which screen one should opt for depends on the intended use. For example, a full-array monitor with an in-plane switching panel is the best choice for gaming. It is so because it provides dimming ability, accuracy, wider viewing angle, etc. But an FPS player who wants to play at the highest level of competition can opt for a LED LCD monitor with a TN screen. 

When it comes to digital signage, shelf edge digital display, etc., LCD panels work best. Since LCD has some backlight, when it comes, it provides images and video that are superior as compared to LED displays. Also, the best choice for indoor displays is LCD panels as they have high resolution, easy installation, stable performance, etc. The benefit of LCD is it has a compact design and a display. Therefore, LCD is a standard display product for digital signage

LED Or LCD, Which Is Better For The Eyes

One question that comes into mind when the debate of LCD vs LED monitor comes up is: which one is better for the eyes? When looking for an eye-friendly monitor, there are several factors to look out for. For example, one crucial factor is the viewing angle. The viewing angle is an essential difference between LCD and LED monitor. LEDs provide a wider viewing angle which helps in lowering eye strain. Also, one can improve the viewing angle by purchasing an arm mount and ensuring that the monitor position is optimal.

Another vital factor is brightness. LEDs and LCDs allow one to change the brightness according to the needs. Some LEDs also have automatic brightness adjustments and can adjust the brightness according to the light in the room. Also, when you change dimming, one of the plus points in LED is that it does not affect the picture quality. Also, with newer technologies, LCD and LED panels come with a blue light filter, also known as eye saver mode, that protects the eye from harmful blue light. 

Buy Lcd Screen In Zhsunyco®

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Over the past years, there has been a rise in LCD screen demand due to technological advancements. Also, LCD is being used in several industries, such as supermarkets, sports, entertainment, food, etc. Since there has been such demand, it is important to always opt for a reliable manufacturer. Your customers always want the best quality products, and Zhsunyco® is known for its high quality. They are reliable electronic shelf label manufacturer and LCD manufacturers. There is a difference between LCD and LED monitors, but due to their top-notch LCD, users will get bright, high-resolution, and crisp images. One of the crucial points to note is that Zhsunyco® uses bi-stable technology, and one can get the visuals at around 180 degrees too. Also, there is no backlight, so technicians can easily take a reading without any issues. 

There is an LED vs LCD difference; however, with Zhsunyco®, you do not have to worry about that. Because of their dependability and superior quality, their products stand out from other manufacturers. Additionally, Zhsunyco LCD supplies products to industries such as digital signage, office signs, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. They manufacture different products such as outdoor LCD screen panels, IPS LCD, digital price tags, electronic shelf labels, Zhsunyco ESL tag, etc. 

Also, the added benefit is that they deal with several other products such as digital signs, digital meeting room signs, etc. It will ensure that the clients get the best quality product from a single supplier, which will be highly convenient. 


Summing up, these were LCD vs LED and how they differ. Each has its benefits, such as regarding the difference between LCD and LED monitor; LCD has a wider viewing angle, whereas LED has better brightness. Also, one of the leading LED vs LCD difference is that LCD is preferred for display signage, while LED is best for gaming. Since each has different applications, it depends on your needs. So, if you require an LCD panel for display, signage, etc., of top-notch quality, then contact us. 

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