E-ink Display Manufacturer

Clear and less power consuming e-ink display perfect for your application.

E-ink Display Manufacturer

Clear and less power consuming e-ink display perfect for your application.

E-ink Display Manufacturer

Clear and less power consuming e-ink display perfect for your application.
Industrial and Warehouse Management

Professional E-ink Display Manufacturer in China

Since establishment, Zhsunyco has been a reliable manufacturer of e-ink displays focused on enhancing digital experience. Having the specialty of delivering all-round service, including hardware and software development, as well as unique after-sale solutions, we’ve stood out among other e-ink display manufacturers over the years.

With no limitation to our capabilities, we are also a highly-rated electronic shelf label manufacturer and LCD screen supplier with an extensive expertise in providing state-of-the-art ESLs and LCDs used in various applications.

Thanks to our streamlined manufacturing system and a total of 12 production lines, all processes are conducted in our strong production facility by highly-skilled staff and auditors for quality assurance, hence our certification from TF16949, ISO, and RoHS.

Industrial and Warehouse Management

Benefits of Zhsunyco
E-ink Screen

Using quality materials and industry standard production techniques, we, as an E-ink display manufacturer, offer sophisticated e-ink monitors that possess outstanding attributes. 

E-ink screen

Gentle on the Eyes

Made with superior contrast and no backlight, e-ink screens are gentle on the eyes yet very attractive.

Ultra Power Efficient

Features a bi-stable display with a low-current mode. Without applying power, information will be retained. Power is only required when changing the displayed information.

Better Contrast

Supports an improved contrast ratio, wider viewing angle, and high reluctance.

Updates in Seconds

Built with a multi-stable and fast technology, enabling change of displayed content to be done quickly.

Experienced E-ink Display Manufacturer

Having a 20,000m² factory area filled with cutting-edge machinery, experienced E-ink screen manufacturing experts, and capability to produce 250W pcs/year, Epaper display supplier Zhsunyco offers great benefits to customers, ensuring optimal satisfaction.

Competitive Prices 

At Zhsunyco, you will get the best E-ink that could be used for digital price tag. We offer affordable e-ink display prices (5% to 10% lower than others) that won’t require you spending more than your budget.

Custom E-paper Display Ability

Our capabilities have no limit. We are an e-paper display manufacturer capable of making any style, size, shape, and design you want. Also, we offer logo customization to promote your brand.

After-sale Service

 The hardware has a one year guarantee and any quality problems caused by non-human factors are replaced for free; while the software comes with a lifetime upgrade. You will also enjoy technical support, including connectivity with your cash register system.

Working Temperature

Depending on the place where the e-ink display will be used, the working temperature can be customized to either low (-25⁰C – 15⁰C) or normal (0⁰C – 45⁰C).

Quick Delivery

E-ink screen samples are sent within 3 days after your order is placed. On approval, bulk production will be made and shipment will follow immediately within 7 days.

Custom E-ink Display for Various Businesses

Depending on your preferred style and specifications, E-ink display manufacturer Zhsunyco is capable of meeting all your demands. Make your request and all requirements for custom e-ink display will be followed.

E-ink Size & Shape

Custom e-ink display can be made in your specified dimension and shape, like round, square, rectangle, etc.

E-ink Display Color

The color displayed on the screen can be personalized to any of your choice, including black, white, yellow, red, etc.

E-ink Display Style

Information can be shown in different styles, such as segmented display or dot-matrix display.

Working Temperature

Depending on the place where the e-ink display will be used, the working temperature can be customized to either low (-25⁰C – 15⁰C) or normal (0⁰C – 45⁰C).

E-ink Substrate:

Customization can be made based on the surface you’ll use the e-ink on, either hard (glass substrate) or soft (PV substrate).

China E-ink Display Sourcing Guide

Below is a comprehensive guide that will help you in making an informed buying decision when sourcing e-ink displays from China.

  • What is an E-ink Screen?

E-ink screen, also known as an electronic ink screen is a display device that mimics the appearance of traditional ink paper. Unlike ink on paper, it displays the content using ambient light. This makes it great for the eyes, convenient to read, and provides a wide viewing angle.

  • The technology of ePaper Display

Technology of ePaper Display

e-paper display technology uses the principle of electrophoresis, which entails the use of microcapsules to fill transparent and viscous polymers. The polymer contains both positively charged (white) and negatively charged (black) particles that can be transmitted to the top depending on voltage polarity at the electrodes.

By temporarily adding an electrical voltage once, the microcapsules alignment can be enabled and the content will be reflected. The capsule’s orientation and the content can remain constant for years until another voltage is applied.

This technology is highly-rated for its low power consumption and cost-effectiveness as it eliminates the use of paper and a lot of human effort.

  • Sourcing from a Reliable E-ink Display Manufacturer

Zhsunyco® is a reliable e-ink display manufacturer with years of experience and expertise in providing the best -ink solutions to various brands. To source a suitable e-ink display, you have to go through a series of processes to make sure you get the right products.

  • Customer Communication and Consultation: Talk with us about your E-ink display needs and requirements. To this effect, you will be given recommendations and the best solution.
  • Determination of Demand: Following our discussion and having gone through the provided information, you will make an informed decision on your demand specifications.
  • Quotation: Based on your demand, you will receive a quotation, stating the cost of your order.
  • Model Opening: Preparation will be made to begin your order processing. The R&D team will get to work, finding the best techniques to meet your demands.
  • Payment: Based on the quoted price, you will be required to make payment so that production can commence.
  • Sample: Small-scale production for Epaper diaplay will be done as samples and sent to you for assessment to confirm if you’re satisfied.
  • Customer Confirmation: You assess the Epaper display samples thoroughly and give your verdict on whether it’s exactly what you want or whether there is a need for some modifications.
  • Mass Production: Following the correction and approval of the samples, bulk production will be made exactly to your demands.
  • Delivery: After production is completed, the order will be shipped quickly via your preferred means.

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