Digital signage solutions for hospitals

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, more and more hospitals are embracing digital signage solutions as part of their efforts to provide quality and timely medical services.

Digital signage in healthcare allows facilities like hospitals to communicate efficiently and accurately with their patients and staff members, providing an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly experience for both parties.

From wayfinding, advertising, marketing, and information sharing, medical digital signage offers a wide range of opportunities for hospitals to improve their existing customer service levels.

In this blog post, we will discuss in depth the digital signage solutions for hospitals that are available in the market and why they should consider implementing this powerful tool into their operations.

Digital Signage in Hospitals

Digital signage in hospitals is becoming a popular way for healthcare organizations to deliver helpful and timely information to patients, visitors, and staff. Its impact is helping to improve the patient experience and allowing for easier access to information about health assessments and services.

Hospital digital signage solutions offer an engaging and informative visual aid that can be used to highlight important topics such as health tips, crisis alerts, safety guidelines, and more.

It consists of digital screens located throughout the facility. The content for these screens is managed via digital content management software that allows administrators to control what information is displayed on each screen.

Hospitals often also use digital signage as a way to advertise services and health-related products, or even as a way to inform patients of upcoming changes or treatments they may need.

Types of Digital Signage in Hospitals

Hospital waiting room with patients and doctor
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Digital signage in hospitals is becoming increasingly popular as a means of communicating critical information to staff, patients, and visitors. It can be used to enhance the patient experience, streamline communications, and increase efficiency in hospitals. There are several types of digital signage that can be used in hospitals including: 

Digital Door Signs

Digital signage in healthcare includes digital door signs that are a modern and effective way to advertise, share messages, and inform visitors. They are a great alternative to traditional signage, as they offer a range of benefits such as flexibility, visibility, and cost-effectiveness. 

It offers great opportunities for any business looking to attract customers in a cost-effective and visually appealing manner. They attract attention from onlookers and are simple to install and maintain.

Electronic Tags

Electronic tagging in hospitals is the use of technology to track and monitor the whereabouts of medical equipment, supplies, and other items. This includes things like wheelchairs, beds, IV stands, oxygen tanks, and more. Electronic tags are placed on each item, which allows hospital staff to locate them quickly and easily. In addition, data is stored on the tags which can help with asset management or inventories.

The main benefit of using electronic tags in a hospital setting is that it can reduce costs related to lost items or misplaced equipment.

In addition, electronic tagging can help improve patient safety. Knowing where medical equipment is located helps healthcare professionals respond faster to medical emergencies as well as avoid delays caused by misplaced items.

LCD/LED Screen

LCD screen for hospital

LCD/LED screens in a hospital can be an invaluable asset to both the staff and the patients. In addition to providing information regarding room numbers, availability of doctors, directions, patient information, and more, these screens with unique shapes also serve a great deal of purpose in helping the staff manage a hospital’s resources more efficiently. 

Having a custom LCD screen shape adds a unique touch to the hospital’s decor and ambiance, it also attracts attention to important information displayed on the screen.

Wayfinding Signage 

Wayfinding signage is an important tool used in hospitals to help guide visitors and staff through the sprawling grounds of a medical facility.

It helps people quickly understand where they need to go and how to get there, reducing the time spent wandering around looking for their destination.

With medical digital signage that is easy to read, clearly labeled, and strategically placed throughout the hospital, anyone can easily find their way to the location they need. 

Patient Room Number Signs

Zhsunyco electronic labels for Patient bed

Patient room signage is an important component of any hospital’s interior design. Every patient room should have a clearly marked and easily visible sign that states its room number.

Patient room number signs can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, acrylic, and fabric. Metal signs are commonly used for long-term installations because of their durability, while other materials may be chosen based on the needs of each particular space.

Patient room number signs can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, acrylic, and fabric. However, digital patient room signage is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility and ability to display real-time updates and information.

Digital patient room signage can be easily updated with the latest room assignments, patient information, and other relevant data, providing a more efficient and streamlined way of managing patient information. This can improve the overall patient experience and reduce the workload on hospital staff.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Hospitals

Long hospital corridor with empty seats
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Digital signage solutions for hospitals are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. The main benefit of digital signage in hospitals is that it helps to improve the overall patient experience. Here are some other benefits:

Improved Communication

Digital signage in hospitals can be used to provide clear messages and information to patients, visitors, and staff in hospitals. 

Enhanced Patient Care

Medical digital signage can be used to display personalized patient-specific information that can aid in improving the quality of care for patients.

Greater Efficiency

It can simplify processes for hospital staff by providing easily accessible information that eliminates paperwork and the need for manual status updates.

Reduced Waiting Time

Hospital digital signage solutions can be used to display accurate wait times and let patients know when they should expect to be seen.

Cost Savings

Digital signage in healthcare eliminates the need for paper signs, posters, flyers, and other printed materials which translates into cost savings for hospitals.

Increased Brand Awareness

Digital signage can be used as an effective branding tool to promote the hospital’s brand message and create awareness of its services and offerings.

Improved Safety

Digital signage can help keep personnel informed, such as displaying newsworthy information and updates about hospital policies and procedures that help maintain safety.

Hospital Digital Signage Solutions

Emergency hospital building
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Hospital digital signage solutions are tailored systems designed to improve the patient experience and support efficient operations in the modern healthcare environment. 

By integrating digital displays into waiting areas, hallways, and other public spaces, hospitals can enrich their space with informative visuals while increasing operational efficiency through communication and automation.

With the help of advanced software and hardware solutions like electronic shelf labels, medical digital signage is capable of providing real-time updates on wait times, patient education resources, and interactive directories. Additionally, these systems can be used to broadcast safety protocols and instructions for visitors, staff, and patients. Here are the different solutions:

Electronic Tags Used in Hospital Beds

Electronic tags used in hospital beds are a technological advancement that has greatly improved patient care and safety. These tags are typically placed on the side of a hospital bed and connected to the patient’s medical record. They can be used to monitor vital signs and alert the staff if something changes drastically.

These are increasingly common technologies in hospitals. They are used to identify and track beds, wheelchairs, medical equipment, and even patients. These tags are typically composed of a small electronic reader, a tiny computer chip, and an antenna.

Digital Price Tags & LCD Screens in Hospital Restaurants

Zhsunyco Electronic Menu

Digital signage solutions for healthcare are not only in hospital ground surroundings but also include facilities like hospital restaurants. Digital price tags and LCD screens in hospital restaurants provide a number of benefits to both patients and staff.

For patients, they offer convenience and clarity when ordering meals. Instead of having to guess what items cost, they can now easily view the prices that are clearly listed on digital price tags and LCD screens.

This provides them with much needed transparency and prevents them from being overcharged for items that they may not have been expecting to pay for.

For hospital staff, it provides an efficient way to maintain updated prices for all their menu items. Instead of having to manually update prices every time there is a change, staff can simply adjust the prices on the digital tags or screen which allows for much faster updating.

Electronic Tags for Operating Room & Office

Zhsunyco electronic door labels for hospital office
Zhsunyco electronic door labels for hospital office

Medical office digital signage provides a cost-effective solution to tracking resources, personnel, and equipment. Electronic tags use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to track objects by scanning radio frequencies.

In operating rooms, electronic tags can be used to monitor the temperatures of surgical equipment to ensure it is sterilized and ready for use. In addition, tags can also be used to keep track of medical supplies and patient records.

In offices, electronic tags can track the locations of important documents or files so they can be easily found when needed. They can also monitor shared office space to ensure visitors or other non-authorized personnel do not have access to restricted areas.

Electronic Shelf Labels Used in Pharmacy

Zhsunyco electronic price labels used in pharmacy

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are an advanced technology that can be used to display product information such as pricing and promotions in retail stores, including pharmacies.

ESLs use RFID tags and other types of sensors to communicate important data such as product availability, prices, shelf location, stock levels, and expiration dates directly to customers. This data allows customers to shop quickly and conveniently.

Finding an electronic shelf labels manufacturer can be done by researching online and checking out industry trade publications, visiting trade shows and events, asking for recommendations from industry peers, and contacting potential suppliers directly for more information and product demonstrations.

Digital Directories

It is a type of electronic directory that is accessed over the internet. They are used to store and organize information about businesses, organizations, people, and other entities. Digital directories can be used for a wide range of purposes, including marketing, customer service, contact management, and research.

There are numerous types of digital directories available on the market today. Examples include online business directories, yellow pages, and social media networks.

Automated Registration Systems

They are designed to streamline the patient check-in process, allowing hospitals to operate more efficiently and effectively. Like digital signage solutions for healthcare, it allows staff to quickly access patient records and make changes if necessary, ultimately providing faster service for all involved.

Choose Zhsunyco® for Hospitals Digital Signage

Zhsunyco electronic labels that record patients info
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Digital signage solutions are an invaluable asset for any hospital looking to improve its patient experience, reduce costs and streamline operations. From electronic tags, digital patient room signage, and LCD/LED screens to electronic shelf labels used in pharmacies, digital signage has numerous benefits that are sure to be of great value in any healthcare setting. 

These digital signage solutions for hospitals can help to provide better care and greater efficiency while promoting their services and improving brand awareness.

Zhsunyco® provides a range of digital signage solutions for a variety of establishments, including hospitals. Their products are designed to offer compatibility with existing technology, reliability, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and customer support. These features ensure that customers are able to effectively utilize digital signage for their communication needs, enhance their customer experience, and streamline their operations. 

Whether a hospital is looking for an effective way to communicate with patients and staff, to have its medical office digital signage, or wants to promote its products and services, Zhsunyco® digital signage solutions can help hospitals achieve their goals. Contact Zhsunyco® now to know more about digital signage solutions for healthcare!

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