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Electronic Labels, often referred to as Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), quintessential embodiments of technological innovation in retail, herald a transformative epoch by introducing dynamic pricing and sophisticated product information display systems. These digital identifiers, unlike traditional paper tags producted by handheld label makers available by Amazon, enabe real-time updates encompassing multifaceted product specifications, pricing adjustments, and promotional content, directly at the point of sale. Electronic Labels considerably enhance operational efficiency and ensure scrupulous accuracy in pricing, thus solidifying their status as integral components in the swiftly evolving retail sector. Their digital constitution facilitates flawless integration with cutting-edge inventory management infrastructures, endowing retailers with a methodologically advanced, ecologically sustainable approach to product information stewardship.

In the subsequent exposition, we will conduct an exhaustive analysis of the premier five electronic label producers, who are recognized as luminaries in this sphere. These trailblazers are esteemed for their pioneering innovations and instrumental influence in revolutionizing retail operations. Celebrated for their unwavering dependability, avant-garde technological advancements, and significant contributions to augmenting the consumer retail journey, these manufacturers stand at the vanguard, shaping the forthcoming trends in how retailers display and manage product information. We shall delve profoundly into the profiles of these illustrious electronic label creators, uncovering their pivotal role in molding the modern retail landscape.


electronic shelf labels manufacturers

Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Founded: 2016

Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS, IATA Certified

Specializations: Electronic Shelf Labels, E-ink Display, LCD Display

Main Products:

  • 2.4GHz Electronic Shelf Labels
  • BLE Electronic Shelf Labels
  • NFC Electronic Shelf Labels

Zhsunyco, a vanguard in the realm of intelligent electronic display tag innovation, has extended its services to over 180 nations and in excess of 20,000 supermarkets globally, facilitating a seamless transition for its clientele from conventional retail paradigms to contemporary, digitized formats. The firm’s proficiency in both hardware and software dimensions has cemented its status as an industry frontrunner in product conception, software engineering, solution implementation, and extensive post-sale support. This multifaceted approach guarantees tailor-made solutions that meticulously align with the diverse requirements of each client.

At the core of Zhsunyco’s operational ethos lies an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, propelled by a nuanced comprehension of the distinct challenges pervading various sectors. This client-centric orientation has culminated in the development of avant-garde solutions, especially tailored to address the intricacies of inventory management and pricing dynamics. The integration of Zhsunyco’s technology across diverse industries significantly diminishes wasteful practices and attenuates carbon footprints, thus making a substantial contribution to environmental conservation.

A paramount advantage inherent in Zhsunyco’s operations is its capacity to reduce processing expenditures. Through the implementation of a highly automated production line, the company has achieved a reduction in labor costs, thereby diminishing most of overall expenses. This efficiency transcends the company’s internal benefits, extending to its clientele who are afforded access to cost-efficient, premium-quality products. Zhsunyco’s product portfolio encompasses a wide array of offerings, including 2.4GHz ESLs, ESLs with bluetooth capabilities, NFC ESLs, E-ink Displays, and LCD Displays, thereby catering to a broad spectrum of end-users, merchants, and system integrators. Notably, the Electronic Shelf Labels with clear fonts emerge as a standout, presenting an environmentally benign alternative to conventional labels. These ESLs facilitate instantaneous updates of pricing and product information, thereby augmenting the consumer experience and optimizing inventory management.

In a nutshell, Zhsunyco is a pioneering entity, steadfast in its commitment to delivering innovative, eco-conscious electronic display solutions. Its strategic focus on minimizing production costs and advancing its manufacturing automation directly advantages its clientele, offering them solutions that are both economical and efficacious with fast shipping. Zhsunyco’s devotion to customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship unequivocally positions it as a luminary in the electronic display sector.


electronic label makers

Location: Reading, Berkshire, UK

Founded: 2000

Quantity of Employee: 51-200

Specializations: Electronic Shelf Labels

In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, the pivotal factor for success is strategically positioned at the point of sale – the shelf edge, where the majority of consumer purchasing decisions are crystallized. Displaydata emerges as a vanguard in revolutionizing this quintessential space through their state-of-the-art Electronic Shelf Labels. These advanced ESLs, with optional Bluetooth integration, bestow upon retailers an unparalleled level of agility, facilitating real-time modifications of labels for promotions, inventory levels, and price adjustments.

The distinctiveness of Displaydata lies in their commitment to augmenting operational efficiencies whilst concurrently elevating consumer engagement. Their capacity to nimbly respond to fluctuating market dynamics, seamlessly introduce novel products, and adeptly manage perishable inventory exemplifies their groundbreaking methodology. These ESLs transcend mere pricing display mechanisms; they embody dynamic conduits for stimulating promotions, guaranteeing price uniformity across diverse channels, and liberating personnel to concentrate more significantly on customer service endeavors.

At the core of Displaydata’s ethos is a relentless pursuit of innovation. They are the pioneers behind the inaugural fully graphical tri-color label, distinguished by its exceptional clarity, luminosity, and visual appeal – attributes that captivate consumer attention and catalyze sales. These labels are an integral component of a meticulously curated architecture, conceived in collaboration with retail partners, to ensure they are prepared for enterprise-level deployment and seamless integration with extant network infrastructures. In summation, Displaydata is at the forefront of a transformative wave in the retail sector with their ESLs, enhancing customer experiences, operational efficacy, and adaptability in pricing and promotional strategies.


electronic label makers

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Founded: 2010


  • HD300 Electronic Label

In the ever-evolving domain of retail management, New Zealand Electronic Shelf Labels emerges as a paragon of ingenuity and operational efficacy. This enterprise, co-founded by visionaries Phil and Gavin, originated from an acute necessity to confront and resolve the prevalent challenges besieging retailers in New Zealand, most notably in the realm of price integrity. Their odyssey commenced with a clear-cut objective: to enhance the operational acumen of retailers, advocating for efficiency over sheer exertion.

Spanning over a decade, NZESL has adeptly steered the procurement, installation, and distribution of the world’s most dependable electronic shelf labels. As the foremost purveyor of these state-of-the-art solutions in New Zealand, they boast an unwavering commitment, evidenced by a team of dedicated professionals extending support to retailers from Kaitaia to Invercargill. Their pursuit of excellence is not confined to domestic boundaries; their expansion into the Australian market further cements their status as trailblazers in the sector.

The distinction of NZESL lies not solely in their product offering but is deeply rooted in their ethos. As an entity that prides itself on its New Zealand heritage and operational ethos, they exhibit a profound resonance with the local market’s exigencies whilst simultaneously demonstrating a nuanced comprehension of global retail dynamics. Their electronic shelf labels transcend the conventional role of mere pricing apparatuses; they stand as embodiments of NZESL’s unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and the crafting of customer-centric solutions.

E Ink

electronic label makers

Location: Billerica, MA, USA

Founded: 1997


  • E Ink Spectra™ 6

E Ink, an entity renowned for its pioneering advancements in the realm of ePaper technology, epitomizes the transformative impact of vision, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence within its industry. Originating from the esteemed MIT Media Lab in 1997, E Ink Corporation emerged with a foundational mission: to metamorphose the concepts of electronic ink and Electrophoretic Display (EPD) technology into palpable, market-dominominant innovations. The strategic amalgamation with Prime View International, Taiwan’s inaugural TFT LCD enterprise in 2009, signified a pivotal juncture, thereby augmenting E Ink’s capabilities and extending its influence across the EPD supply network. This synergistic integration, under the consolidated moniker ‘E Ink’, cemented their ascendancy as a preeminent entity in the advanced display sector.

E Ink’s innovations have profoundly reshaped the ePaper industry, delivering robust, low-energy solutions that have unlocked new possibilities and applications on tablet and desktop in scenarios once considered impracticable. A prime illustration of this ingenuity is their electronic shelf labels, which can be controlled through ios(mac) or Android apps. These labels amalgamate superior display quality with energy efficiency and adaptability, revolutionizing retail landscapes by providing dynamic pricing, comprehensive product information, and enhanced promotional opportunities. These labels not only champion environmental sustainability but also offer a cost-effective solution, underscoring E Ink’s role as a vanguard in eco-friendly and innovative display technology.

JRTech Solutions

electronic label makers
electronic label makers

Location: Montreal, Canada

Founded: 2007

Specializations: Smart Labels, Digital Signage, Digital Kiosks

Since its establishment in 2007, JRTech Solutions has emerged as a vanguard entity in the sphere of retail technological advancements, with a particular emphasis on the development and deployment of Electronic Shelf Labels. Strategically headquartered in Canada, JRTech has ascended to the status of preeminent purveyor in North America of the Pricer ESL system, globally recognized for its unparalleled reliability. This feat eloquently testifies to their unwavering dedication to pioneering innovations and the pursuit of superlative standards in retail communication methodologies.

The genesis of JRTech was marked by a resolute commitment to augmenting the operational efficacy of retail environments. This guiding principle propelled them to cater to an eclectic array of retail establishments, encompassing hardware emporiums, grocery chains, pharmaceutical outlets, consumer electronics retailers, and purveyors of wines and spirits. Their flagship offering, the Pricer ESL system, has revolutionized the sector. Its integration by retailers has yielded marked enhancements in the administration and presentation of pricing and product data, thereby reshaping the retail landscape.

JRTech Solutions distinguishes itself not solely through its innovative product line but also via its profound acumen in the retail milieu. Their solutions are meticulously crafted to amplify the consumer shopping experience, escalate operational efficiency, and consequentially bolster sales revenue. It is this harmonious fusion of technological prowess and a consumer-centric orientation that perpetually positions JRTech at the vanguard of retail sector innovation.


In the culmination of our comprehensive analysis of the quintet of premier electronic label makers, their ascendance and indispensability within both personal and professional spheres are unequivocally merited. These apparatuses, as epitomized by industry vanguards such as Zhsunyco and E-Ink, present a synergistic fusion of ease of use and multifunctionality. Their capabilities extend from printing crisp barcodes and elegant fonts on durable label tapes to facilitating seamless integration with PCs and smartphones. This integration is further augmented by intuitive apps and a diverse repertoire of templates, rendering them indispensable for retails, office systematization, or domestic applications.

In traditional labeling, a compendium of instruments is habitually utilized, comprising apparatuses such as the dymo label makers, clear tape, printers, keyboards, and cutters. These time-honored techniques, while dependable, invariably necessitate a labor-intensive and temporally demanding procedure. In pronounced juxtaposition, the emergence of electronic labels has precipitated a paradigm shift in this arena, proffering an unprecedented echelon of expediency. These technologically advanced systems endow users with the capability to rapidly conceptualize and actualize tailor-made labels. The electronic format unfurls a panoramic array of design options, extending beyond a diverse selection of typographies, an expansive palette of chromatic selections, and a comprehensive compendium of graphical motifs. This technological progression markedly augments the efficacy and seamlessness of the label-generation process, thereby resonating with the modern imperatives for alacrity and bespoke customization in label fabrication.

So whether for augmenting business productivity or enhancing personal organizational systems, these electronic label creators emerge as indispensable instruments in the contemporary milieu of labeling requisites.

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